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Creating a Custom Page Template

Custom page templates are common in the WordPress development life-cycle. Maybe you want to tweak how the header is output, or the footer or just remove something you don’t like the look of.

Follow these steps to create a custom page template:

  1. Be sure that you are running a child theme. Follow this guide if you have not done this yet.
  2. Open your site via FTP or Control Panel and navigate to your installation folder.
  3. Once there, open the ‘wp-content’ folder and select ‘themes’.
  4. Enter the folder of your currently active theme, assuming it’s ‘Eli’.
  5. Download the page template you would like to alter, for example ‘single.php’
  6. Go up one level back to your themes folder and enter your ‘eli-child’ theme folder.
  7. Upload the downloaded ‘single.php’ file to this folder.

You may do this for any page template you would like to create a custom version of. This will allow you to keep your parent theme up-to-date while still keeping your customization.

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