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Download and Installation

Downloading and Installing a theme from Yoohoo Themes requires a premium membership. Follow these easy steps to download and install a theme:

  1. Navigate to ‘Downloads‘ page. (This is also available through the ‘My Account’ page.)
  2. Choose the theme you would like to use for your next WordPress website and select ‘Download Files’. This will automatically download a .zip file of the theme.
  3. Login to your admin WordPress account of your own site.
  4. Hover over ‘Appearance’ and select ‘Themes’.
  5. Once on the ‘Manage Themes’ settings page, select the ‘Add New’ button (found near the top of the screen).
  6. A new settings page called ‘Add Themes’ will open up, select the ‘Upload Theme’ button (found near the top of the screen).
  7. A new section will appear, select the ‘Choose File’ and select the .zip file that you recently downloads.
  8. Select the ‘Install Now’ button. (This button will only work once you have a file selected).
  9. Once finished uploading, you should see ‘Theme Installed Successfully’.
  10. Select ‘Activate’ and your WordPress theme will now be installed on your WordPress website.
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