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Debugging Plugin Conflicts

Sometimes WordPress plugins don’t work well with certain combinations of plugins. This is commonly caused by either errors from plugins, or plugins that may use the same data names in their plugins and many more reasons.

Try these scenarios to help you to debug your site should you suspect a plugin isn’t ‘playing’ nicely with your currently installed plugins. *Be sure to make a backup before continuing with the steps below.

  1. If your site started acting weird after updating/installing a plugin, this is most commonly caused by the last plugin you have updated/installed. Temporarily disable this plugin and see if the issue continues.
  2. If you temporarily deactivate all your plugins, and your site restores it’s functionality then there is most likely an issue with a plugin (Maybe you don’t know which one is causing this error because you bulk updated your plugins previously and your site broke). Re-enable each plugin, one at a time (not bulk activation), and try to reproduce the error you were previously experiencing (such as loading a page after each activation). The last plugin activated before the issue reoccured will be the culprit. Disable this plugin and keep reactivating each plugin thereafter and repeat.
  3. You may also temporarily change your WordPress theme to TwentySeventeen theme or similar and see if the issue persists. (This is good to test while all plugins have been disabled.)
  4. Generate a debug log by following this guide.

If you encounter any of the above, definitely reach out to the relevant plugin/theme author to help you fix the issue. If more than one plugin is involved, seek out both plugin authors for help. Remember to be as detailed as possible.