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Submitting a Bug Report

You’ve found a bug with some of our software. We’re sorry! These things do happen from time-to-time and we try our best to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Here are steps to open a bug (You may also follow these steps for a feature request).

  1. Find the Theme/Plugin on our GitHub repository.
  2. Select ‘Issues’.
  3. Quickly do a search for the keyword or phrase of the bug you are experiencing.
  4. If you don’t see there are any issues with your topic or are similar, select ‘New Issue’.
  5. Fill out the issue report and be as descriptive as possible (try to include PHP versions, debug.log data or steps to recreate the issue.)
  6. This will automatically be assigned to our development roadmap, where our team will work through the issues according to our discretion.

Please note that not all bugs/feature requests may be attended to. Although we do try our best to ensure our software is running flawlessly across our user base, sometimes issues are site-specific and out of our control.

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