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Examples Of Membership Sites

We love the concept of membership sites for various reasons. Not only do membership sites offer great recurring revenue, but also bring together like-minded people with similar interests. If done right, your membership site will be successful – if you have not already, have a gander at our 5 tips for running a successful membership site. Here are examples of membership sites which we think rock!

E-Learning Membership Site Example

Team Treehouse logo on white background.

A great site that offers a membership pricing model will have to be Treehouse. There are many other E-Learning sites that have this membership pricing model but I’ve thoroughly used Treehouse and are familiar with them. You pay a set monthly fee and can work your way through courses of interest.


Physical Product Membership Site Example

Loot Crate logo on white background

A lot of companies have started moving over to recurring revenue business models as this makes more sense.  Who doesn’t love recurring revenue? Loot Crate does a stellar job in this market where linking a monthly subscription to a physical product, that is shipped to your door which is known as a mystery box. Although the market is a little flooded with this, it’s always great to get a giant ‘lucky’ packet.


Digital Product Membership Site Example

Paid Memberships Pro logo on white background

Our own site runs a membership product based on digital products, being WordPress themes and plugins. So to not “toot our own horn”, we love Paid Memberships Pro pricing model – which we based our pricing model off of closely. Now for the good part, Paid Memberships Pro sells membership software that runs off of WordPress using their own product. You simply buy a membership to their site at a yearly price and gain access to all of their extensions and get premium support for the year.



Hopefully after seeing these businesses you will be inspired to start your own membership site. It’s always a good idea to see how others are doing business and compare it to your very own business model.

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